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I offer uniquely crafted evolutionary mandalas and extensive readings to support aware and conscious personal transformation.

This work is about illuminating the essence of your true divine nature and offering personally resonant keys that will open your perception to who you are meant to be beyond any trauma based traits, social conditioning and the deeper effects of the forced implementation of the concept of ownership.

This reading is not intended to be focused on current transits or a predictive astrological report. However, I will highlight critical degrees and outstanding current data to be of service.

These mandalas are timeless and boundless.


After analysing your birth data to illuminate the influences of degrees, decans, outer planets, fixed stars and asteroids I create an exquisite, poetic mandala for your inspiration and nourishment to support your personal evolution. When your mandala is completed I arrange to meet with you to discuss this in-depth work and answer any arising questions.

If you are visiting this region on a short timeframe you are welcome to come and meet with me to begin this process and if necessary we can complete the process via zoom.

Choose one the following Mandalas:
13 Moons Of Joy
 7 Unique Wonders
& the Cinnabar Field of Dreams
Blessings & Aspirations


1:1 session

Mandala and 2 hour reading 


Available in person or via zoom.

If you are able to travel to my location you will find yourself in a very private, beautiful sanctuary for healing and enlivening your spirit. 

Use the form below for any enquiries relating to these sessions and to request a booking. 


I require the date, time and place of your birth to create this work for you. 


With infinite divine love,

Akal x​


“On my journey of self discovery I have worked with a number of different modalities and  healers, all of them wonderful in their own way.  However I have never experienced anything as profound as my session with Akal.  Her work is truly unique.

From  the moment that we started our session I knew that it would be different but in truth I did not expect to meet someone who deeply understood me.  Someone who was able to give me answers to the questions I have been asking for a very long time.

Akal gave me so much insight into myself, and a better understanding of why I feel things the way that I do.  She was also able to provide me with suggestions on how to chart my journey moving forward. It is wonderful to finally feel like I have the tools that allow me to live a life that is truly authentic and one that is full of harmony, joy, peace and BLISS."

Sherrie Milsom

QLD, Australia

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