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Earth Mother of Air

Aquarian Water-bearer

Dragon Fire rebirth doula


Akal Pritam Tatau is a mystic and naturalist devoted to embodiment of personal bliss. A storyteller, seer and illuminator working in field of Aquarian healing arts to inspire and activate individual and collective potential.

  A degree in communication eventually led Akal Pritam to working in publishing after a career as a creative director in the advertising industry for over a decade.

   With reorientation of life after starting a family Akal Pritam became an internationally published, prolific creator of unique books, inspiration cards and journals--lovingly and specifically designed as tools for personal transformation

   Facilitating personal transformation through private sessions and classes evolved organically overtime beginning with the creation of 'The Dispensary' in Melbourne, a health and wellbeing organic, plant-based cafe co-run with her life partner. Akal Pritam and her partner sold their store and moved to the Northern Rivers region of Australia in 2015, realising a long held dream, building Earth Song Temple House on the sacred Tallowood ridge overlooking Mount Chincogan . 

   Akal Pritam is currently focused on Earth Song sessions and creating new books and card decks.

For all enquires please use the contact form.

Dear beloved,

May you feel so very delicious in your being that your life overflows with the same deliciousness, sprinkled with great fun, delight and a bright, light heart.

Many, many blessings to you as we create new earth together, let the fun begin as peace and harmony reign.

Akal x

Akal Pritam
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