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Uncontrollable Beauty by Akal Pritam_edited.jpg
Uncontrollable Beauty by Akal Pritam_edited.jpg


Exquisite Illumination 

I am a storyteller, seer and illuminating guide, currently working on creating more beautiful books and facilitating 1:1 Sessions with the intention to inspire, initiate and activate individual and therefore collective evolutionary potential.

  A degree in communication led me to working as a creative director in the advertising industry for over a decade. 

   After starting a family I left the advertising industry and became an internationally published author. Creating books was a long held dream that I was very fortunate realise. I am an eternal optimist and I never give up on my heart-dreams, however after publishing successes a global financial shift saw the publishing industry contract.

   I began working with my life partner on creative businesses which eventually led to the purchase of a retail premises. Together we created 'The Dispensary' in Melbourne, which metamorphosed into a health and wellbeing organic, plant-based cafe and gift store. I became immersed in the creation of food and products for wellbeing segueing into guiding many individuals and running workshops for those choosing to realise their excellent potential. Yet the once quiet and charming village where our store and home were located started to undergo huge redevelopments, things were changing in a way that didn't suit our sensitivity or life choices. We decided to sell the property and move to improve our quality of life.

  As customers often asked me to write a book on the things I was teaching and sharing I had begun creating what became the book SELF-LOVE, moving somewhere beautiful, peaceful and inspiring would give me the ability to focus on just that. 

  We sold 'The Dispensary' and moved to the Northern Rivers Region of Australia in 2015 and now reside in a home we purpose built in the Brunswick River Valley on Tallowood Ridge, Mullumbimby. We live in a wild and pristine region with a like-minded community; creative folk, health and wellbeing practitioners, organic farmers. The subtropical climate, wildlife, surrounding nature, rainbows and love revolution the area is know for is heaven on earth.

   The primary focus of my career is to work with and inspire individuals like yourself to evolve your excellent potential and embody your precious unique essence through self-mastery. I have a deeply intuitive perception of our shared humanity and use specific sacred geometry and the power of words to facilitate transformation.  My extensive studies and practices of astrology, cosmology, wholistic health, subtle energy, yoga, Qi Gong and the feminine mysteries are woven into all of my works. 

  I warmly invite you to work with me in my beautiful Chrysalis Studio, The House Of Seven, Mullumbimby or connect with me online.


With infinite divine love,

Akal x

Self-Love Oracle cards by Akal Pritam
The Unfurling Goddess Inspiration card deck by Akal Pritam
Let Go mini reading cards by Akal Pritam
Self-Love Book by Akal Pritam
Inspired By Frida Journal by Akal Pritam
Affirmation cards By Akal Pritam
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