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Uncontrollable Beauty by Akal Pritam


1:1 Creative Mentoring will be illuminating, nourishing, activating and expansive medicine if any of the following resonates:


 I am open to being unique. I may even be slightly eccentric to some and yet, in my heart I know that I have unifying beauty and enriching exquisiteness to offer this aching world.


I wish to let go of all self-repression to explore the timelessness and boundlessness of the garden of my creative heart. I want creativity to permeate my whole life.


I am not afraid to dive deeper than most.

I want to comprehend, truly feel and embody who I am meant to be.


I know that I have unique, creative gifts and talents and it is time for me to breathe these into being. I understand that the fullness that I am beginning to embody may seem too much for some, but I am ready to feel fully alive. I value my precious humanity. 


I am curious; 'What are my unique seven wonders that created the exquisite light of my seven essences? How may I distill these essences together to create fragrant tranquil bliss; a unique signature that transforms, elevates and inspires?'


It used to feel more comfortable to keep long held desires at bay and be cautious when revealing my joyous creativity. However, I feel something stirring inside of me, a courageous and grounded love, I feel the Great Mystery beckoning me to dance, to let go and allow my truth to be revealed and flow freely from my open heart.


I am ready to rebirth and regenerate beyond what I have experienced before.

1:1 Creative Mentoring Sessions begin with a 2 hour deep dive into your birth data to illuminate all aspects of your personal uniqueness, divine essences and deepest treasures. After initiation into your divine mysteries, subsequent sessions may be beneficial for deeper exploration of creative self-expression. Mediums offered for exploration; creative writing, watercolour art, collaging, self portraiture, sacred ceremony and energy practices


Initial 2 hour 1:1 Creative Mentoring cost AU$280

Available in person or via zoom.

Ongoing sessions are offered by agreement.

If you can meet in person you will discover my Chrysalis Studio in Mullumbimby is an inspiring and magical place to explore and work with your creative heart.

Use the form below for any enquiries relating to these sessions and to request a booking. Please Note: When sending a booking enquiry please state your preferred times and days. Prior to your session I will also ask for the date, time and place of your birth.


With infinite divine love,

Akal x​



“On my journey of self discovery I have worked with a number of different modalities and  healers, all of them wonderful in their own way.  However I have never experienced anything as profound as my session with Akal.  Her work is truly unique.

From  the moment that we started our session I knew that it would be different but in truth I did not expect to meet someone who deeply understood me.  Someone who was able to give me answers to the questions I have been asking for a very long time.

Akal gave me so much insight into myself, and a better understanding of why I feel things the way that I do.  She was also able to provide me with suggestions on how to chart my journey moving forward. It is wonderful to finally feel like I have the tools that allow me to live a life that is truly authentic and one that is full of harmony, joy, peace and BLISS."

Sherrie Milsom

QLD, Australia

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