A simple tool for self-awareness.

Your energy is precious, it's crystalline and powerful. When you are a conscious creator, you can incrementally continue to manifest the life you desire as you learn to value and harness your own energy and point it in the direction of your 

personal creative dreams.

Unfurl with tenderness.

Birth gently, there is no rush. no pushing, no retracting. You are birthing something way to full to limit, to conclude, and also something way too beautiful to have any fear around. You are love, you are loved. We will move through these times with grace and beauty, we are humans of the heart.

Priestess TV Episode 8:  Self Love with Akal Pritam.

On this week’s episode of Priestess TV we discuss self-love with guest, Akal Pritam, published author, designer, and creative director. Watch with us as Akal takes us through her journey and lesson of leaving behind what is expected of you by others, and surrendering to what is natural for yourself and your work.

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