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Private session 
The path of sacred beauty

Illumination of your dharma & activating personal courage

Welcome to the unfurling of who you truly are.


You have energy within every cell that can be alchemised for incredible prosperity.

It is intended that you will awaken to your true power in this lifetime and learn to work with your own chemistry to orientate towards creating personal paradise, alleviating all suffering, self-repression and elevating all relationships.

The path of sacred beauty is very gentle and mindful, nothing is forced, pushed or collapsed, as we work with inner resources to clear all self-repression.

There is an art to embodying one's sacred beauty and enjoying longevity, all life comes from beauty and all beauty comes from life, one must embrace being fully alive upon an unlimited journey of allowing good things to come and go, devoted to liberating and celebrating the true self. 


To work with me requires a focus upon your true-self.

A willingness to embrace and work with your incredible potential.

A strong desire to self-improve through easeful compassionate presence.

A basic understanding of your energy body (chakras or dantians) and familairality with meditative practices that include breath-work and mindful movement.


There are three stages to this process.

Each stage is founded with reverence, compassion, understanding and love.


Through an understanding of your birth mandala I bring you into awe of the essence of your intentions for self-realisation in this lifetime. 

From your unique gene keys I work to inspire personal transformation and a clearing of all aversions to your true divine nature.

For this work I need to know your date, time and location of birth.


To commence the session, I guide you through massaging key acupressure points and gentle movement to bring you to a deeply relaxed state of presence. We then enter a sacred space to heal wounds relating to personal shadows with the balm of compassion and the power of letting go. however, the predominant focus of the session will be to inspire positive change through the illumination of your 11 unique gifts and correlating siddhis (highest virtues).


The mists of love.

We conclude this session with a gentle energetic practice to alchemise the fire of your truth with the holy water of your divine essence to release an inner mist of love that will work to gently dissolve all resistance to wellbeing and your dharma.

The session is completed with a blessing.

You will be surprised and delighted with the serendipity and the synchronicity of the changes that will follow this personally transformative work, with this incredibly gentle self-alignment new perspectives magical things will unfold upon your path.

Sacral Chakra_Unity 12 .jpg

'Insightful beyond what I could have imagined, what a relief and pleasure to come home to myself after so many years of frustration, anxiety and despair.'  Sari


'It was wonderful to collaborate with Akal and learn to alchemise my energy for embodiment of my true nature.

I highly recommend this experience!'  Asumi

'Up until now I had never met this truly gentle and centred version of myself and yet I can totally relate, I feel amazing and whole.'  Jacquiline.

Sacral Chakra_Unity 12 .jpg
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