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In person sessions

The art of being true-self

We evolve through personal epiphany, yet in the mundane world we are often distracted, depleted and desensitised so much so that we don't utilise the free energy of the present moment and miss the synchronicities that are meant for our blissful self-realisation.

When we are relaxed and awake, with warmth, grounded presence and lightness of heart we flow with life, carried far beyond the mundane.

These sessions are designed to expand your human warmth, true power and joy through medicine of creative self exploration.


In person sessions at the beautiful Earth Song Temple House, Mullumbimby, NSW, Australia.

One to one sessions Tuesday to Friday inclusive.

Studio open by appointment.

Weekly classes Thursday 10.30am-12.30pm

Private classes perfect for celebrating with friends by arrangement.  

The Unfurling Goddess
The Unfurling Goddess
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