You are a forever love story.

Here where I live, the new light reaches earth first, even a day ahead of other parts of the world.

The visions I receive of unbound earth must start here, a new story the unravelling of the knot of maya; lush, evergreen, sweet.

It’s time to let Cherry blossoms scatter and fall, for the people of Earth to trust themselves and not ask to be bound.

And so here I sit in the field of a mystical stargate, the now of future-ancient earth, infinite possibilities in luminous night skies turning into ambrosial bird's song. I am given blessings of creativity and wonder if silent painting and sweet creation is the most potent step.

The most fragrant of art lives through eons, able to be translated and individually understood.

The eyes of Horus and artist’s joyful tears on the tip of a sacred brush, will paint my forever love story.

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