The World Is Shimmering.

'Change is stability, stability is change.' Robert Coon.

In the sunlight I hang washing.

I hear laughter, I hear squeals of delight.

Neighbours are filled with the delight and appreciation of simple tasks shared.

Simple conversations woven with gratitude and hope.

We are realising here that we are full--so full it will take sometime to even begin to digest these wonderful and great changes. Remember there is something far greater occurring than you can see now.

Those that are choosing to pack up their toys are crafting the tools that they need to create what they desire. There will be some mastery coming to you now through your heart and soul integration, old magick made new, real, useful, inspiring. Be patient and devoted. Embrace rituals that nourish your heart and soul.

A great pairing is occurring, two by two, we move through fragments to the whole.

A totality is being reclaimed, a sovereignty enjoyed.

Find any other and be in sacred communion.

Share + care, love + create together.

The world is shimmering, shattering, shifting.

These times are full--full of delight--full of greatness--look beyond, past, through.

You will see.

Soften your gaze.



Talk to the trees.

Listen to roses.

You are choosing or it will be chosen for you--either way our costumes will change.

Metamorphis has begun, is already done.

As you realise your destiny, either fate will have it or through engaging your True Divine Will you may command, dream and love your future into existence.

Either way relax, what will be will be.

Certainly be clear, be true, be brave to dare to call forth that which you want, Your language will bring your future--consider the benefit if you were to be poetic, romantic, artistic, happy, grateful--rejoicing!

If you are here, you will be exploring the way of the heart. Your multi-dimensional, infinite self.

Those that desire no change will be granted Deja vu. Reborn through a womb with the same view.

If you opt to consciously co-create evolutionary changes, welcome the shattering, and you will see upon your gaze that it is beautiful. Truly beautiful to witness the shapeshifting, the shimmer of elementals recreating form, rearranging, re-organising, regenerating, rebirthing, you and your world.

Let go.


Dream through the day, all the beautiful and positive changes you desire.

Call forth, name your future and be ready to receive by softening, laughing, praising everything into its true, full potential of existence.

No regret, no timeline gone wrong. We are not late, we are not off timing, that is an old story, let it go.

We are exactly where we are meant to be.

Let go.

Surrender to your true divine will and allow yourself to create for every need.

Sing my loves.

There is no need to let distance from ease create disease.

Ease will come from the love that is your soul, lean in a little closer now.

Call in your soul family, your star family, your light family, your spirit guides and allow yourself to be wrapped in the arms of love.

The world is shimmering.

And you are shining.

Thank you so very much for being you.

Love forever.



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