The planets are beckoning us to surrender all fears to the unknown.

'At the gate of the golden spiral

the gong announces the unknown.

The cosmos bellows and groans;

starlight vibrates the mind.

New waves reach the shore of

your predetermined infinity,

drawing you through the mystery

of pink and red creativity.

Go beyond the moon cycles

that womb-man must honour,

way beyond circles that gather.

Go down to the ocean, heralded by conch,

make safe passage to the island of infinity

where the new flowers of the soul bloom.'

Akal Pritam Tatau, self-love journal.

When I was contemplating the effect that the major planets are having on our collective evolution, I was drawn this poem I wrote sometime ago. It is vital in my creation process, that I trust my heart, body and intuition over plain logic and any conditioning that limits unique self-expression. When I wrote it, I felt its meaning in my body, it was a heart-guided, intuitive piece of self-expression, almost like a super-conscious message for myself, and now upon reflection I see more clearly what I was foretelling. We are at the beginnings of something so magical, (don't think about this, feel into this), a sacred aspect of life never experienced collectively in anyway, this isn't a cycle, this is a collective departure from the past, an incredibly expansive movement forward upon our spiral journey of evolution.

I believe we entered the Age of Aquarius on the solstice in December 2020. And as I understand, it is imperative that we each learn to truly love ourselves so we can enter into an ongoing state of deep communion with our true, super-conscious self. Neptune will encourage us strongly to embrace this etheric aspect.

I believe that we each have an invaluable, unique purpose and that if we block that with fears; harsh self-judgement, some kind of perceived lack, trying to conform, self-shaming, etc, our destined, fragrant offering will not bloom in this world, nor in any other. This precious nectar of everlasting love, a sweet, infinite, divine sacredness can only come through your sacred heart, as a whole (Holy) being, as you are here, in every now. It takes lifetimes to be here now, you have already faced so many challenges to be here now, and you have what you need in way of support and resources to be your true self now. In fact there is more energy available for you to be your true self than to be anything else.

There is so much joy, love, understanding, compassion and a peaceful calm to feel once you truly let go and forgive yourself forever. From that moment onwards you will incrementally activate your fluid state of being so that you can always be in communion with your inner being--where ever you go and whatever you do in your signature style. And that will be enough to be you in every now, your smile, your laugh, your ideas, your virtues, your gestures, your sweet offerings, your own dance.

Your physical body will readily indicate how you are treating yourself, any uneasy feelings or physical symptoms will be a clear message from your soul that you are embodying some kind of fear, or forcing or pushing, rather than finding a balance between giving and receiving.

Your task through the next three to four years--especially before Pluto takes a very major role in facilitating change on Earth--is to really refine your thoughts and patterns of perception so you are self-loving, clear and allowing of continuous communion with your higher, super-conscious, true self. The airways are opening to heaven in profound ways at this time, you will perceive so much more clearly if that is what you ask. This is the era of the fire rebirth, resurrection and the blooming of the rose upon the cross of matter.

You are invited to be an island of infinity where the fragrant flowers of your soul may bloom in the chaos of change.

Many, many blessings to you.

With love,



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