The fragrance of the eternal soul.

The first day of spring is welcomed, why wouldn't it be?

Perhaps there is a world wide story that pulls one off centre and cuts off one's sense to the fragrance of love, to the soul, the eternal soul. Yet it is your spiritual inheritance to be here now, awake and in love.

But what about the storm, the astrological weather? What about...???? The drama is all around and yet I feel our work is, and the great challenge is 'being here now' with all the distance from ease and accessing the eternal sweetness in every moment.

Do not wait for love, be love, I say. Be art, be sacred, be radically, authentically self devoted, be joy, be happy, be calm, Oh there is so much on the other side and so much in-between worlds, so much joy, pure joy -- we are designed to have the capacity to be with all and stay present, not turn away from the light of the soul.

As this is a polarity planet, the opposite or opposing force is always there in direct relationship to any fear, doubt, negativity... and it seems that currently, the sea of love has relatively just a few swimmers really soaking it up in full surrender to its cleansing, healing and transformational power. But it's there, you are allowed to dip your toe, dive in and swim off far from the maddening crowds and have your own private island of heart-centred beingness.

Upon reflection you may see there is a certain sweetness to everything that may not be apparent at first.

We are being called to remember, who we are and why we have come, and even what we have come to.

Is it too much to ask of the heart to rule the mind? Well no, but it may seem too much to ask of the mind. Yet the mind can be trained to obey the heart, as the mind must follow the breath, it's like treats for a dog, the mind will follow the breath anywhere, it wants to stay alive:) Sometimes it even tries to get you to hold your breath for fear that there will be no other, HA! don't be fooled. This is the Age of Aquarius and the Holy breath is omnipresent when you surrender to it, nothing forced, no pushing or grasping, you must learn to love and let live.

As the human mind is a map and a recorder, then why not make a new movie everyday and draw a map to where you want to be? The mind will oblige, for it is very lazy and not fully evolved, it actually senses this and knows there are corners it wants to explore, activate, engage and grow. About 95% of your mind is vacant land, why not visit, have a holiday from over thinking in a new place. Hint, art is the best way to go there and HAVING NEW PLEASURBLE EXPEREINCES. This may be a clue as to why the neurology of this current situation is all about creating old patterns and not new liberated, inclusive heart territory, but you can make the new golden terrain with your brain.

And so you can allow the mind to rest, to keep off the the worn out, down trodden paths. And while it rests, (aka meditative mind), you can go wandering across the universe. No surprise that once in that state you may find the universal mind in your travels,,, and it has everything in it, it's a big library (Akashic), its cool, it's expansive! And it knows stuff that you don't, the universal mind has more social contacts than you can imagine. And with your directive, you can be taken to the hall of what ever records you want to access. As Einstein said, 'Don't remember anything you can look up.' I don't think he was referring to google:)

The universal mind is where most bright sparks get there bright ideas and there is no reason you are excluded from this resource, except that you haven't knocked--but you should.

The only way I access the Universal mind is with another, I never am alone, nor do I do anything alone. I am in constant relay with this world. I engage myself in the practise of union--meditation and yoga--and so I have a teacher/guide, or a mantra, or a crystal or a partner in the room, I am never alone. I also work with flowers, another partner, oh and birds too, but that's another story! Anyway, birds and flowers and song brings me to spring, oh what a joy, so many fragrant and happy friends! We are in good company, always, right behind every foe, so instead of running away, go through the moment, through the door and into the fragrance of your eternal heart, let the breath take you there and surrender to the blooming of the rose upon the cross of matter.

Which is the title of this painting.

With love,



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