Silence is golden.

For it matters not whether these words are read aloud, together in gentle ceremony or alone in the fragrant garden of the heart. These resounding notes have already been cast across the Universe--another forever, love story that brings peace on Earth.


I trust love is received when one is ready to surrender and I have faith that those who want to listen eventually will. I know it to be true that every possible opportunity is given throughout life so one may know the golden silence of love.


As women, we have the blessing to be the foretellers, the storytellers, the sacred vessels and the wayshowers of everlasting love.


A forever love story.

The sweet woman kneeling in the garden knows love, feels love, is love. The curves and flow of the garden come through her heart of golden hope.

The gentleman who so accurately and lovingly measures and remeasures straight lines to build, knows love through his beloved woman of heart, art, food and devoted care.

And so when the time comes that one must surrender everything, to pass through the eye of a needle, this gentleman looks to his beloved woman to guide him. For in this sweet surrendering he understands, (perhaps with an awe that was once incomprehensible), that the arrow is curved, the thread is woven in spirals and the soft curves of love is all that will remain.

The silence of love is golden when it is all said and done. And with the gift of that true silence, peace lives on Earth in the hearts of many.


In gratitude for my Father, bless his soul and for my Mother who courageously guided him to love.

With love forever,


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