Let It Bloom

There was always something in the breeze which told me I would be fine,

And the breeze today extra cool and crisp,

And the sun too, extra golden and nurturing.

What shall I let thaw?

Though we are all inside, outside Mother is blooming, excited, just beginning. Beginning again.

And inside, we do the same work but somehow backwards, an inner blooming, healing, solving. A rebirth to be born.

Everything occurring in Nature is perfect.

A quick walk will remind you of that.

And whatever is happening in your mind and heart, if you let yourself ramble for a while, best in the morning, and seeing the stream tinkle, the waterfall flourish, the leaves so green and so new and full of fresh hope, through this, She lets you remember who you are. The crux of your soul like an old jewel you tried to keep buried and dusty — hidden from view.

England now a jungle, a playground for awakening. Let Her wash you, let Her cleanse you, help you send whatever is holding you back downstream, and let yourself do the work then burst into creation again — all glistening and anew — wiser, stronger and more rooted to what’s real and righteous and matters than you could ever even dream.

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