True Self Portraits.

Commission a True Self Portrait by Akal Pritam. These are intuitive, creative destiny portraits.

Where ever the portrait is placed, its subtle energy will elevate the frequency and hold space for the highest octave of reflection and insights—incrementally ascending through time. 

A True Self portrait is a keeper of your trinity flame, created for contemplation, receiving insights and inspiration. Like your soul, it is a never ending story, as fascinating and in-depth as you are.

The panel on the left-hand side of these portraits represents key astrology from the subject’s natal chart. These symbols and symbology should inspire curiosity and a desire to continually expand an understanding of one’s personal birth mandala. 

True Self Portraits are painted with watercolour and fine acrylic paint on plywood. 

Size approximately 195mm w x 240mm. 

Use the button below to contact Akal directly to enquire about commissioning a True Self portrait. Cost $1,200.00 AUD