Flame Of Love.

Dear beautiful souls,

This is just the beautiful beginning.

Poetry, praise, art, music, flowers.

Lovers of the new, unknown, undefined, refined.

Leave behind your known biological familiarity, the family of thoughts that judge and limit and tell your future as it could only be the past relived. As you become more and more your true self, you open to connect with the Universal mind, your creativity rises and you inspire your heart to ignite—from this time on, you allow yourself to envision a whole new landscape, you believe that you can make love real. You live by heart, you are flowering and bursting forward in a mystical dance to the beat of your own drum, you are listening to the whispers of unnamed colours, luminous frequencies you are learning to perceive, subtlety beyond logic and a wildness beyond the moon. Self belief has opened the door to your destiny. The enchantress that you have always been is now seen in the glow of the Flame of Love.

Please feel welcome to include yourself in our community, we have regular catch ups on Zoom and work to always inspire each other to love ourselves madly, truly, deeply -- authentically with good humour.

There are no conclusions to be made, we are on an adventure, answering the call of our infinite soul as we embody the blooming of the Rose upon the Cross of Matter. 

Please join this community here: Flame Of Love Members

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