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Spiritual Path 

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Your spiritual path can be illuminated by knowing your 11 divine essences 

Akal Pritam's unique exploration of your birth chart mandala will offer pivotal shifts for the spiritual journey of self-discovery and personal evolution. This unique creative process offers compassionate healing, remembering, liberating and celebrating one's true divine nature and undiscovered fire.

Your birth chart mandala is your own medicine wheel, a portal for your own energetic genius to pour through, enlightening the mind and body with an openness to all golden opportunities.

Empowered with knowledge of your 11 divine essences Akal will work with you to explore how these essences can be alchemised into creative self-expression and be of great benefit to your day to day life ongoing.

Akal will give you a tool based on the golden ration to work with ongoing towards becoming who you are meant to divinely be. Your divinity is the aspect of your true-self that is capable of conscious expansiveness, evolving in every way beyond perceived human limitations and your unique ability to heal, renew and rebirth as the new one, always before completion.

The focus of this session can lean towards your own life purpose, your personal keys to healthy relationships or how to express your unique genius through a successful career. 


You will leave this session with much to contemplate, many aspects will reveal significance through time. It is intended you feel inspired and empowered to continue the alchemical work of transforming your dreams into the gold of creative self-expression and true-self embodiment.

Cost: $140 for 90 minutes.

Sessions are available online or in person at Seventh Heaven Wellness Studio, Mullumbimby, NSW, Australia.

When sending a booking enquiry please state your time, date and place of birth and your preferred times and days for the session.

Seventh Heaven Wellness Studio, healing in the Rainbow Region, Mullumbimby, NSW_

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Mullumbimby, NSW, Australia.

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