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Creative Therapy 

The Unfurling Goddess
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Creative Therapy
for liberating & 
celebrating who you truly are.

Akal Pritam's unique Creative Therapy sessions offer pivotal shifts for the spiritual journey of self-discovery and personal evolution. Akal customises this unique creative process for each individual to offer compassionate healing, remembering, liberating and celebrating one's true divine nature.

These sessions are designed to meet you however you arrive, either online or in person at Akal Pritam's beautiful Mullumbimby studio. This session can be booked from one to three hours depending on how deeply you want to dive into the joy and bliss of your creative heart. 

Akal leads you on a light-hearted and beautifully sensory journey to open your imagination to your divine inner realms. Working through oracle, art therapy, dreamscape and song medicine Akal will illuminate your undiscovered fire and any soulful dreams ready to be bridged into your real life. Your session may be focused on one aspect or a combination of the following;

Oracle illumination and reflection.

Akal will draw from her various card decks and work intuitively to bring illumination and inspiration of personal relevance. This can be a fun way to begin a Creative Therapy session and lead into deeper self-exploration.

Creative self-expression.

Create your own oracle art as Akal guides you through a free-style form of self-creative expression that will illuminate aspects of your true divine nature. When working in person all materials are supplied, when working online you only need a drawing pad and pencil/s or watercolours. 

Dreamscape and song medicine.

Akal leads you into a relaxed state as you listen to a dream story, prompts are then given for self-enquiry and envisioning before you are guided into a dreamy state listening to song medicine. When the song is finished any visions or insights are written down and can be shared if desired for deeper reflection. 

Please use the form below to ask any questions to better understand this therapy and what would be most beneficial for you personally. 

Group Creative Therapy

These sessions are held in Akal's idyllic home studio for up to four people.

A perfect way to relax and celebrate with friends, plant-based drinks and treats are available upon request. 


You will leave this session with much to contemplate, some aspects will reveal significance through time. It is intended you feel inspired and empowered to continue the alchemical work of transforming your dreams into the gold of creative self-expression and true-self embodiment.

Cost: $70 per hour for individuals, $40 per hour for two to four individuals. 

You may request up to three hours in one session.

Sessions are available online or in person at Seventh Heaven Wellness Studio, Mullumbimby, NSW, Australia.

When sending a booking enquiry please state your preferred times and days.

Seventh Heaven Wellness Studio, healing in the Rainbow Region, Mullumbimby, NSW_

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Mullumbimby, NSW, Australia.

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