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1:1 Creative Mentorship

Truth & Beauty 1:1 Creative Menotorship
Opalyon Alchemy

These unique sessions offer initiation into the deepest feminine mysteries through the beauty way and guidance for personal excellence and conscious awareness for self-mastery.

  Working with specific sacred geometry and your natal birth chart I illuminate the unique nature of your purpose in this life, the truth and beauty of who you really are beyond any conditioning or self-repression. 

  I create symbolic vignettes, descriptive images and present meaningful paradoxes pertaining to your natal birth chart to activate an integration of the left and right brain in coherence with the deep consciousness of your heart. These sessions go deeper than a general astrology reading as I weave outer planets, fixed stars and asteroids together with Aquarian evolutionary principles to distill all aspects of self into a convergence point for clarity and awakening.

  Through compassionate understanding and deeply intuitive processes I will sensitively take you to the heart of your true divine nature, working with you to integrate your flame body with the eternal flame of love within the garden of your heart. 


If you would like to work with me as I hold council for yourself upon your very sacred and personal journey please feel welcome to reach out and ask for that which you are wanting. 

  TRUTH & BEAUTY Creative Mentorship are held in a 2 hour container in person or via zoom. Cost AU$280. If you are able to travel to my location you will find yourself in a very private beautiful sanctuary for healing and enlivening your spirit. 

 Use the form below for any enquiries relating to these sessions and to request a booking. 

Please Note: When sending a booking enquiry please state your preferred times and days. Prior to your session I will also ask for the date, time and place of your birth.


With infinite divine love,

Akal x​

Seventh Heaven Wellness Studio, healing in the Rainbow Region, Mullumbimby, NSW_

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Mullumbimby, NSW, Australia.

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