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Hello and welcome.
I am Akal Pritam, a mentor and creator supporting personal and collective healing, rejuvenation and evolution. My offerings are illuminating, activating, inspiring and nourishing wisdom-love medicine.
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Sherrie Milsom, QLD, Australia

On my journey of self discovery I have worked with a number of different modalities and  healers, all of them wonderful in their own way.  However I have never experienced anything as profound as my session with Akal.  Her work is truly unique.


From  the moment that we started our session I knew that it would be different but in truth I did not expect to meet someone who deeply understood me.  Someone who was able to give me answers to the questions I have been asking for a very long time.


Akal gave me so much insight into myself, and a better understanding of why I feel things the way that I do.  She was also able to provide me with suggestions on how to chart my journey moving forward. 


It is wonderful to finally feel like I have the tools that allow me to live a life that is truly authentic and one that is full of harmony, joy, peace and BLISS.

Let go by Akal Pritam


This great work is about healing from grief and loss with dignity into peaceful tranquility. The first part of this journey of reclamation is to acknowledge and embody our multidimensional, true divine nature. 

By comprehending our Gene Keys, Paran and Galactic Astrology we can open to higher levels of conscious awareness and become seer.

When you open to a deeper appreciation of your whole self and your unique akashic wisdom you can begin to integrate all you've ever been towards who you are meant to be with loving grace and honour.

If we are to heal and evolve we must reclaim our self dignity. Any lack of self appreciation stems from the unappreciated seed and the unappreciated womb. We have all entered this reality through the wounds of ancient spiritual wars. Be it direct or indirect, as we exist as one, we share memories of times where our precious humanity has been devalued. Trauma based memories are 'sticky' and require devotion, honour and conscious awareness to heal and clear.

This is the Eon of the fire rebirth, this new beginning brings the evolutionary opportunity to make kind, peaceful and loving choices guided by the ancient light of our very personal wisdom.


If we can let go of the past and all fears around being different we are receptive to the new light of our own wisdom love. If we allow our wisdom love to guide us we can be open to opportunities that honour, nourish, rejuvenate and enlighten our whole being.  

May you let go to love. May you let go to joy.

May you let go to the tranquil bliss of your true divine human nature.

1:1 Creative Mentoring

1:1 Sessions


Poetic, meditative, insightful and visual exploration of my reading cards and the theme Let Go.

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Akal Pritam


Facilitating the creative heart to flow for personal liberation and celebration. Invite an opening to your wisdom love to embody evolutionary new light. Your life can be easeful, exciting and centred upon what truly feels enriching to you, there is no need to push or force a thing.

When you open to your wisdom love, the light of inspiration rises from your heart into clear perception that will awaken entirely new aspirations.

The liquid light of your wisdom love will get your creative juices flowing. The invitation is to stay in this stream; to submerge, converge and emerge as the golden one.

Trust your heart.

You are the artist, the mystic, the lover.

You are the sacred dancer.

The whisperer of winds.

You are the one who knows exactly how to breathe life into your dreams.

Trust as you dip your paintbrush in luminous watercolour, everything will always work out better than you can imagine if you go with your creative flow. Don't ever give up, don't hesitate, there is so much to enjoy here.


Poetic, meditative, insightful and visual exploration of my inspirational card deck, The Unfurling Goddess.

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Creating Paradise by Akal Pritam


The art of making joy and love uniquely real. 
Working with your gifts and siddhis understand who you're meant to be. With conscious, awakened presence dissolve fears, unify mind and heart and embody personal tranquil bliss.


I watched stars floating as the indigo sea became luminous.
Star drops caressed my cheek.

Mesmerised by the soft, fragrant night
as my beloved blessed me,
‘Do not compare yourself with anything.
Do not compare yourself with yesterday
or curse tomorrow.
Do not force a thing.
Change intentionally into your truth.
May you know you are free to who you truly are.

Your uniqueness is infinite.
Your body is pure beauty unfurling.
Your imagination illuminates the unknown.

You behold the flame of eternity within every cell.

Your listening palaces flow with wise intuition.

Upon your heart the eternal rose blooms.

From Creating Paradise the book, by Akal Pritam


Poetic, meditative, insightful and visual exploration of my book and theme Creating Paradise.

For more content please visit my YouTube Channel, remember to subscribe to receive new content.

Earth Song Medicine by Akal Pritam


Sing and embody your own song, weave your golden thread through life to create anew.
Inspired by sacred story and song relax, remember, and soften to receive your own healing, wisdom love.
The tool for this transformational work is the mandala of the 13 Moons of Joy, the divine codes, the fruit of life, a sacred personal ode to your true divine nature and your future dreaming.
Earth Song Medicine is for those who want to embody the deep joy and sacredness of their personal humanity.
Cacao, the mother, will usher you to the door of your secret garden, the stories will carry you far from the maddening crowd as the birds and songs will activate your inner courage and imagination.
Enter this world if you are of this world, the eternal flame of love can never be extinguished, you are supported, you are safe, you are free, you are a creative song book.
You are blessed by Gaia as she prepares to leave the old maps, territories and divided lands to the dust of the conquerors.

It's time to prepare as custodian of the dreaming, new portals beckon you, follow your heat to the wild, cascading waterfalls and fresh, abundant forests of new earth.
What will be real is already in your heart. 

1:1 Creative Mentoring

1:1 Sessions

Uncontrollable Beauty by Akal Pritam


Surender in the garden of your heart to allow beauty to flow.

Through illumination of your true divine nature soften and unfurl. Become the guardian of your inner gardens. Distill your personal and unique essences into fragrant, tranquil bliss.


The art of love is the art of the ever true—the mysterious perfection of the precise structures that underlie all expressions of life, from micro to macro. 

All structure belongs to and comes from the Great Mystery. No matter how we try to control structure, within our self or in our outer world, there is an omnipresent and uncontrollable element in the continuous blessings of life that is within everything. It is our divine quest to receive the blessings of our life and be inspired by the beauty within and all surrounding so we may rightfully aspire to become the beautiful beings we are meant to be.

If we choose to wonder and appreciate rather than obtain transitionary knowledge we will observe that the beauty of the heart is the central blessing in all of creation. 

The immeasurable sacred heart is always housed in sacred vessels, and in one way or another these mysterious vessels produce the seed, fruit and flower that brings beauty to life.

While humanity is focused upon building structures, something far greater is continuously creating change, this creates freshness which always leads to beauty. Beauty comes from life and life comes from beauty.

When the intentional beauty beneath all things can be comprehended, we realise that nothing is excluded from the warmth of great creative love and we may be humbled by feeling inseparable from the mysterious whole.


The art of love is beauty breathing consciousness through life, unstoppable and uncontrollable, beauty it is life at its finest, the truth of beauty is unsurpassed. Beauty beholds the mystery of love and bliss—pure and free.


The simple yet very powerful tools we engage for this transformational work is the sphere and the sacred heart and the vescia picsis as both are vessels of rebirth and rejuvenation.

1:1 Creative Mentoring

1:1 Sessions

Water Blessings by Akal Pritam


This is the realm of the Founders, the conduits of the Great Mystery which eternally pours life into life.

Oneness is not one thing, it is a synarchy of being, an inclusive creative cluster of pure potentiality. We may claim one 'God' yet it is wise to revere the flower dancers who are inseparable and immeasurable.

 The Great Mystery is not what you think. Swim into the unknown realms with the Water Dragons and you will understand if you want to know the Great Mystery and indeed know yourself, you must look into your heart.

The Waters are unstoppable, soft power within and all surrounding.

 We are swimming in an ocean of great love, moving with the eternal beat of the sacred heart. If we allow ourselves to stop pushing altogether what will our experience become?

When we bless the Waters we are blessing ourselves and each other.

In this deeply transformational work we draw from the freshness of the seven pointed star, we learn to behold our seven wonders and we nourish the Cinnabar Field of Dreams with our blessings.

1:1 Creative Mentoring

1:1 Sessions

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